Blog me Not!

I have been getting an awful lot of complaints in the past 6 days that mysite is not being updated! Well, hopefully this would stand up for the excuse... :D... Long time buds, I am studying Database connectivity with the wonderful PHP! haha..yeah I know, me the hater of databases is finally going in and actually studying one.. ;]... But, what to do, I kinda realized that despite me liking it or not, MySQL is a powerful tool. So, I will hopefully be spending some time on that to help me manage my site. So far, the hols have been nothing great... But, I am hoping that it would get better since the last week of unlimited freedom is drawing close. One more week and then it is back to the mundane life of SCT... But, then I don't think that I would complain now,as I am really looking forward to S6... with lovely cool interesting subjects [none scoring, yet all blissfully interesting].

Hmmm, apart from that, there is this thing that Appa is coming tomorrow... and I am hoping to have some time spent with him.. Hez damn interesting when he "drones" on subjects that others find "Boring". But, he really loves to talk and I am a good listener, we make a good team.. lemme see if I can canvas him into buying a good graphics card for the comp... ;] A Geforce Fx 5600.. yay!! that brings up some interesting things to do. So, hopefully will have time to blog in this week, as I would be leaving to a religious center called Mookambika this thursdayand would be back only on the 28th... SO A MERRY X'MAS to all of you!!! I will be back in time for wishing a New Year for all you people.

So,lemme check out by saying... Enjoy the hols people, and see you on the 29th[for u collegemates], and rest ASAP.. ;]..