I am an ASE Trainee @ TCS

Well, after a toil of two days, I am through into TCS. Hmmm, if you would ask me how was the experience, I would have to say just one thing... Quite emotional. ;]. No, it was a tread upan acclivity. The steps had to be heavy :p. The elimination - gruelsome, some completely unjustified! Goal 1 of objective completed - get a job. Now the remaining goals are pending.. Be able to choose an MBA if required [CAT '04] and have a decision for an MS open [GRE '05]. Well, so far so good. However, TCS was not all that great... They have taken only 9 of the 196 who had registered, which is quite pathetic, because despite all the tests and whatever practices they hold, they would be losing an extremely important factor, which they quite never consider... TEAM PLAY! esp the effect that it produces, when people are already well aware of who would they be working with. I am not saying that it is not important to make new friends.. please not that.. but the throughput of working with your best buddies is something phenomenal!

So far so good. I am a bit disappointed that my best buddies could not make it through, but I also think of they other possibilities that they now possess - CTS [within college] and a helluva lotta companies through SHREDS. Well, now I hafta go and study for my Mu P exam tomorrow.. :[[. GOD, I hate this.. :p.. But, I am happy anyways. Tomorrow, I gotta start working on my two new projects... - Website for Rotaract of Trivandrum Suburban - Online Resume Builder.

Hmmm, I am thinking of making this resume thing work well.. :D. If anyone can gimme a feedback of converting an HTML document to Word, it would be useful. As of now, I am just planning to give the resumes as part of the web-site .. a link to your online resume.. ;]. well, hopefully, it will pick up and I am able to service loads of people, as I found that an online resume is a defi must. You can just copy it from the website to a Word Document for now. Furthermore, you can also allow the HR of the company to access it anytime they want, with you keeping it updated all the time. Well, gonna start coding in PHP again and christen the project.. Hmmm, any names??? Well, don't worry.. shall come up with one soon.. :p..