TCS Offer Letter

TCS has provided me with an offer letter, and I gotta accept it!!!! Woohoo!! I will be accepting it on Monday. The pay is k! But, over the past week, I got a good response from many people who are in the industry rite now about TCS! It seems itz the best option as an entrant. Their training is unparallelled.. The only complaint.. the pay and they take the juice outta ya!. that won't be a prob for me.. got loads of fat to lose neways.. and I may just enjoy working in such an environment. Guess what? Seminars are around the corner, and I have not yet decided on what to take my seminar on. I think it should be on Parallel Virtual Machines, as suggested by Mr. Vinod Chandra - [my lecturer for TC and AI] for the main project. It sounds quite interesting! I am gonna talk about it now just coz I got nothing better to do!! Well, PVMs here are to be implemented in a  Linux environment. There is a network of Linux m/cs and they are connected in a hub [whatever be the topology]. What happens is one of the m/cs is a server. The entire system hafta work as a PVM  - A parallel virtual machine  - Parallel: coz a job received by the server has to be parallely processed across the ready m/cs n the system - Virtual: coz itz not actually a parallel processor. Well, the project is to implement such a system and then a performance analysis of the network and load balancing. Sounds interesting.. HELL YEAH!. hafta learn about Linux, GTK and JAVA. Well, couldn't askfor a better project and Vinod Chandra has agreed to be our guide!! :D. Well so far so good. Seminar topic is still to be decided though. I think I will take the seminar on this itself coz that would gimme some insight into the project as well. I am gettin bored of typing. I am gonna work on the online resume builder. Something that could come outta this entire job hunt!. Btw. TIME AIMCAT 01 results out! I sucked at it. Have a TVM Rank of 74 and an ALL INDIA RANK of 950 :-&. Sickening. Gotta make upfor the next test!!!