Siemens Information Systems Limited

Hmmm... the eternally perpetuating incongruencies of life strike again.. :p Yup. I got thru Siemens Information Systems Ltd. The good part..woohoo I got another job [23k approx/month].. the bad.. quoting Yashwant Kanetkar [a guide through the meanders of interviews and aptitude tests] - "Indecisions Indecisions Indecisions"..EKM was GOOD in all aspects. Got a job, ,had a trip to my native place and back in an auto and came back on a bus back to TVM [quite a nice nap on the bus too].I started off on the Chennai Mail from the TVM station. The journey was smooth enough from TVM until Kottayam came and the train was filled with chirpy aunties and disgruntled uncles. We had to give away our seat to one of these couples [we had booked sleeper tickets btw]. Gautam was in the mood to traverse the train and search for greenery ::grin. Well, Anoop and me also had nothing to do and we decided to do the same. What happened after that was that we encountered some foul smelling bathrooms and ONE cute girl [Talk abt BAD LUCK]. :p. Well, all this while, things were boiling up to a good excitement.. Yup, I was gonna meet [woohoo].Talk about it later. Me in the lab and gonna see abt San Andreas - the next in the GTA series