The Series Begin...

An interesting [uhum yeah right....] day comes to an end. College was FUN [whoa] with the series beginning [Is he totally a goner after that ear-ring??]. But, the truth is, I enjoyed writing the series today! Hehe, maybe itz the penultimate series doing the talking... =)! Today was Computer Networks in the forenoon session and Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing [CAPP] for the afternoon session. CN went off quite k, despite me not studying anything too well. It was not that BORING... =D, and for the first time in the 13 series history, I started to write GAS [oh yeah, these blogs are hardly sufficing to release my pent up creativity ;-)!]. GAS, not just ANY gas, SOLID GAS [what an oxymoron]. He he. CAPP was a disaster! I hardly knew anything to write. I don't think I will get good marks for that, coz teacher had actually given the questions that were gonna come for the series!

Unfortunately, no one encouraged my idea to scoot ze exams. I was sooo in a mood not to write. I did enjoy these exams, much more than I had enjoyed writing some of the S7 papers! This time around, the only hard part was to actually perform the physical process of writing. I am getting so used to typing my way out, I am finding it extremely difficult to actually write something.

NOTE: Will make sure that my college will allow the students to have the option to TYPE their internal exams =)! Or completely do away with the concept of INTERNAL EXAMS - Buh bye Series /:)