Five Point Someone

Now, here's a book that sucks, but I still would recommend reading! Confused? Well at least the author is from what I read. Hehehe, going by the way of writing of Chetan Bhagat, THIS IS MY BLOG, I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT NOW CAN'T I, which I do anyway! The book is about 3 guys screwing up if IIT and coming out victorious out of it! I had read it sometime ago. I had reread it y'day as I didn't have much to do at home, although I had the biography of Kurt Cobain in my hand as well. Hari, Ryan and Alok decide to take Ryan's view on life and decide to enjoy life in IIT rather that slogging it out [agreed with the author till there], but then screw it up! Well, DUH, you gotta work smart dude. Anyhoo, only the character of Ryan appealed to me, coz it reminded me of me so much, except that dude, I guess I was a bit wee smarter @ work than that dude. ;-)!

There are some good points in the book, I will not deny that! The concept of guys taking alcohol, grass and talking about the philosophies of life had been rendered well, and at tiimes the writing was like real conversations! But there are parts where I really just puked! Neha falling for Hari [PUKE], Neha and Hari sleeping togethere [PUKING MORE]! Anyhoo, a lotta people I know really liked the book! Plz note that most of them were girls and as Harsh says, probably because, it gives them an insight into the life of "guys"! I have 2 words for them "SENSATIONALIZED" and "UNDERRATED"! I would say that guys do have some fun mentioned in that [Read: Alcohol, puffs, sports, discussing drab philosophies of life], but we don't do crazy stuff like these monkeys go on doing!

Another thing that I can't understand is that people who have stayed in hostel think that this book provides a concise insight to the life @ hostel and almost give it a biblical status. I have got one word for those dudes - "WEIRD"!! I think the book is good as a fiction, sucks as a discourse on life, bewilders me as a romantic book, makes me wanna puke rather, nauseating yet again as a book on heroics!

All in all, my suggestion is that if you wanna read this book, go ahead and do it, rather I would recommend it for you, except that don't take it as anything more than fiction!! And, yes Ryan reminds me of me all the time, one of the reasons why I continued to read the book! Was wondering where that guy would have ended up ;-)! Hehehe!