It's been a long time since I rambled or wrote any poetry. Actually I was waiting for something to inspire me. Well, that honestly that sounded a lot like a pathetic excuse. But, nothing inspirational has happened this recent past that unleashes the rambler in me. However, I was just browsing some wallpapers for revamping my Desktop! I got an awesome Mac theme for the whole PC and it really rocks. Also got an HL2 theme that is awesome, but sucks as one of the font colors can't be read properly! :-(! Else, it would have been adorning my deskie.. :-D!

Anyhoo, this sketch is also titled Hurt! My fav is the middle one, with the tears running down in the form of "Hurt"!

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Alone and sad To be lone and quiet Taking life a wee bit, a tad

Tears swell in my eyes Fear, I deny with my sighs But hurt inside it lies!

I know I'll come off it All I need is a place to sit No, I don't wanna be a misfit.

So, I'll just hold it inside And with time, the pains'll subside A lesson I learnt, a guide.

Time is the healer I hear It's more a sealer I fear I wish He was near!

Yup! That's it :-)! I had started working on this poem as soon as I saw the pic. I have made a sketch. 2 Wallpapers are dumped, one with tears and one without, and the raw sketch!

Comments as usual are welcome :-)!