Y'day night I watched "Keeping the faith" starring Ben Stiller, Edward Norton and Jenna Elfman. I think it will rank as one of the _best_ movies I have seen. The script was original, simple, funny and yet so down to earth. The screenplay, the cinematography made it amazingly real I must say. The story of three childhood friends - 2 guys and a girl. Unfortunately the girl leaves them when in 8th grade. From then on, these 2 guys [obviously Ben Stiller and Edward Norton, duh!] are the best of friends. They are from two different religions - Ben Stiller a Jew and Edward Norton, a Catholic. They are really interested in each other's religions. So, they decide to become religious figures of their respective religions. Edward Norton picks up the collar and Ben Stiller becomes a Rabbi.

So, they finish their studies and reach back to their hometown - New York, where they try to "shake things up" by as they say giving the old god, a "new age" look. I found some of their methods to be quite cool. They essentially again present the whole theme off the movie, by discerning faith from religion.

There are some amazing sermon sessions present and they present the world where in the sins are present, but still they have the good faith in people and yada yada yada.

Anyhoo, Jenna Elfman, the young girl, now grown up with a hot bod ;-), comes back into their lives. From then on, it's about friends catching up, and showing some adult affection for each other. Anyhoo, gets complicated, then solved. I will not give out any more of the story! But, do try and watch it. It comes on Zee Studio!

Anyhoo, what was weird about y'day night was that at the end of it, I really really wanted to talk. To talk to someone about something that I rarely talk about. I guess my statement about my life "being an open web page" was kinda contradicted by my thoughts and actions y'day!