Felt crying at my misfortuneI Never had "others", making everyone my own. Shared the loneliness of my friends Yet, found myself at every corner alone. Friends, they left me long ago And today, love laid a loss. If this is a dream, then I await for my eyes to open And if reality this is, then wait I will for my eyes to close!

Hmmm, gonna watch Rang De Basanti today. Heard it's a good movie. Will be a judge for that today! Sunday, going for the Bryan Adams concert. I think it should cheer me up for the next week!! :-D!! But, Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep are also coming to Bangalore Bengalooru within a span of 5 days. I mean, I can't spend that much, but I wanna see all these bands perform :-(!

Anyhoo, jotted that previous one down after I got some sms! The idea should be credited to the person who came up with the Hindi equivalent. Thought it sounded better in English :-D!!