A walk

ScuttlingAlong the dusty path Alone She goes in and out Carrying A bag, her only jewellery Taking The usual beat

Walks About a mile, she does Heavier With the Sun, the bag grows with loose change Lighter With the houses, the sweets are sold off Happy She's chatting all awhile!

Offers, Some - to the poor and needy Sells Some - to the boys and girls Blessed Is her soul A life of service Warm sweets Not just a way to fill her pocket But to clog a hole

Alone, Then she walks To her house Another mile passes by With no people to talk

Unsteady All of a sudden Laden With all the burden A step She misses and takes a fall

Void Empty, the feeling No one to take care of this being Took as I did A step to help her She picked up herself and took another step!

Continued the retinue She, the bag And some animal friends Sensing some food Adorning the bag now placed on her head

Lines That creased her forehead Momentary Ceasing to exist as she flashed A brilliant smile Full of love and warmth!

This happened to me today morning actually!!

Just trying a hand at contemporary poetry without rhymes and just saying what you mean exactly in lines :-D! Lemme know how you like it!