Bangalore to go Wi-Fi!

Bangalore city is about to go Wi-Fi! And is gonna or tryin to be the first fully Wi-Fi or "digital" city of India! It mite be just cool if that happens, esp since I am getting a lappy now :-D! Today, have to go to Acer Mall and check out their available configs!

Here's what I dream of in the lappy -! Well not exactly my dream lappy, as that would be a 19" with Dual SLI! ;-)! Hehehe! But this is the one which is kinda on the affordable side as well!

Today, anyhoo, will see if I will be able to customize a lappy at Acer Mall and see how much I will have to pay for it! Else, one of my pals has told me that he can arrange for someone to get it back to India once bought in US!! :-)!