Screwed!! Big time!!

Damn, today is officially the worst day of my life! First I realised that the girl I had a crush on is married! And to cheer me up, I decided to update my phone with the latest firmware and then what happens, aaah well it decides to restart itself every 5 minutes! I dunno what the people are so praising the new firmware by Sony Ericsson - the R1BC002! It reminds me of what Gautam told me - Don't try to repair something that ain't broken! But F*** today man!! I hate it completely! I feel like thrashin out by joining a boxing match and kicking some ass [please consider it as an honest dream]! GRRRR.... AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Sony is gonna get it this time, if I don't find a fix for it by the end of the day! Well, I didn't! Now I have to pack up and carry the phone back to the service centre!! Grrrr X-(!