Salora International

[digg=] There are some things that I want to write about, but can't right now for the wont of time! I am kinda busy with some work, GRE preps and solving all the previous Sudokus and crosswords! Aaah, but yeah, I have to write about

-> A bachelor's room -> The censor board's decision on stopping "raunchy" videos of "remixes" and the industry's comments on that -> How to update your Sony Ericsson phone firmware -> The negligent, uncaring, attitude of the Salora International - the Sony Ericsson Service centre in Koramangala, Bangalore [big rant!!]

First up, the rant on Salora International!!

For all people who own a Sony Ericsson phone in Bangalore, please try and avoid the Salora International Service Centre people at Koramangala next to the police station, just opposite the National Games Village! Those buggers don't know the basics of customer service! Right from my first tryst with them, I have had bad experiences!

Punctuality - their forte First of all, it runs like a Government office! Starts at 10 and they close shop by 5! And guess what? Even if you get there at 5:05pm, they won't take it! And for people like me, who have to bear the brunt of getting to K'mangla leaving office early at 4pm, catch an auto, pay Rs. 100 and get there at 5:05pm, they won't make an exception to their NOT taking any phone after 5:00pm [1700hrs] on the dot. It's as if the phone might catch some virus or they all will be eradicated from the face of earth if they take a phone after 5:00pm!

Customer Care - their USP If you do manage to get to their office, during their office hours, it's a huge acheivement! I don't know what you gave up to do that! I have managed to do that only on a Saturday! Bless Siemens that they follow a 5day week! Then, comes to waiting in the line, listening to other guys bicker about the bad service! Every single one is frustrated with the place! You meet the b**** of a receptionist[well actually more of the person who takes apart your phone] with a perpetual frown on her face! You try to explain the phone's situation to her and she asks you to summarize the problem!

E.g. A typical conversation

Customer: Hi! How are you? [It's with much difficulty that it doesn't start with - WTF are you guys running here?]

Her: [with a frown on her face] What's the problem? And then she shouts at the top of her voice to the male receptionist as to what the hell is he doing NOT asking the customers to take a seat and give a token

Customer: I am sorry, but can you please not shout in my face [when he wanted to say: Shut the hell up! Are you blind? Can't you see that I am standing in front of you?]

Her: What's the problem now? I don't have all day for you to begin!

Customer: Well, I don't know exactly but my phone seems to have stopped responding! The joystick buttons are not functioning properly! Would you care to check it up with your service technicians?

Her: [Grabbing your dear phone from your hand and handling it roughly! Then she dismantles it like a crappy toy] Here are your sim, memory card, and battery! I will get this checked up! Call by Monday evening to check up! Please gimme your contact number!!

Customer: [You won't be able to contact me in my cell number now! As you have practically dismantled it, and not provided with a stand-by cell have you? Anyhoo, calming himself down] Please note the daytime number of mine, XXXXXXXX

Her: Well, we won't call you after 6:30pm anyway [As if they are going to notify me that my cell has been repaired]

So, why would you wanna put yourself through this hell? Well, it's kinda simple! They are the only service centre, which is remotely close to where I stay! The other places are too far off and I can't get there fast enough to give my phone to the service center. Furthermore, I don't think, I will be able to calm myself down there after spending time, effort and money to get there and be treated like shit!

I have written to Sony Ericsson, saying that their customer service NEEDS to improve! But, no response from them, and NO change in the Salora International Service as well! I have had to go there twice [3 times, if you include the time I was literally chucked out without even being given their contact number], and all 3 times, I have wanted to just rip apart the characters there and kick some butt and ask them to shape up!!