Blog Mad!

Hmm... Came across the link of Blog Mad at Vi's blog! I have to agree with her! Blog Mad, has certainly increased the traffic and the hits to my site! Things that I liked about Blog Mad!

- Deadly UI [esp the login] - Nice Look and feel [I love the blue thing they have going on in there] - Decently categorized links

Things they could have done better

- Drop down/Java script based lists for each of the sidebar links [Esp with them using a Wordpress sorta UI], my bad!! They did have a cool UI there as well :-D!! - Better icon man! The icon looks like one from Looney Tunes :-D! - More number of credits on initial start up! - Better Credit and blog traffic stats!

Another interesting thing that I came across at Blog Mad - VARB! View A Random Blog, and the rating you can give to the blog! Gives you a pretty good idea of how people actually rate your blog on a scale of 1-10! You can vote for Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul... in VARB, through this link- Vote for me!!

Also, you can just click on this pic!!

Varb For MeAnyhoo, I am back to work now! My phone's working! Things are kinda nice overall, especially with the fact that I may soon be blogging from Forccheim, Germany! :-)!