Ooooooh Khajooor! Suroor

Himesh Reshamiya - I hate this moron of a singer! Initially, the songs were catchy tunes, which I secretly used to hum! Then, the Indian media and TV viewers were faced with an onslaught of videos with skimpy clad babes holding a guitar [Note: NOT PLAYING IT with any credibility] and lasvisciously swaying [Not complaining there] to the songs of a denim jacket clad guy, wearing a cap, holding a mic and singing away to glory with his nose! Yes, I am talking about Himesh Reshamiya - the Suroor dude! Before I get started on his music sense, which I have come to detest, yet hum at times, lemme tell you about the "man of the moment"!

I HATE his songs! Still, I find him @ Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Top 10! The worst part, all the 5 songs sound the same! And 2 amongst the 5 ARE the same songs, but with different videos and probably a tweaked output! I mean this guy is learning and aping the model of Device drivers for graphics cards and firmware of Sony Ericsson! Release very similar stuff within such a short span of time and earn TONS of money, whilst doing that!

Despondent, I agree! Unfortunately, thousands of Indians don't!! They love his nasal voice! Girls dig his denim jacket and cap clad head! Teri Jigar mein... whatever dude!

However, one thing I do appreciate in this guy is the fact that he is capitalizing on the fact that people are buying his crap and are ready to pay him to drawl! And of course, he's got the star cast in his videos for people to watch the videos! Actually, if you look at it, Tanushree Dutta, Deepika Padukone, Isha Kopikkar, some babe in that Suroor video, Katrina Kaif, Udita Goswami... name it and it most probably is there! Hmmm... Interesting Khajoooor ;-)!

But, until then, I am going to hear Tera Tera Teraaaa Suroooorr.... on tons of cellphones!!