Kailash Kher - Kailasa - Teri Deewani - Review

Wow.. in one word sums up this song by Kailash Kher. Although initially my super conservative mind refused to accept the song, when M mentioned that he was a superb singer. Slowly as I sat and listened to the song and looked at the video, the shackles started loosening and then broke loose as the song played in my mind over and over... lifting all reservations against this amazing artist.

I will be the first to admit that my reservations against this guy's song Teri Deewani were dead wrong. He can sing man!!

Furthermore, full credit goes to the video's director and the guy who came up with the idea of the video. It's so human. So, relatable.

You have a purview of various people in love going about their daily motions of professing their love for their special someone, whilst the background is filled with his earthy tone and hi-pitched, yet throaty raspy voice. The rest is filled with excellent back vocals, base, guitaring, all kept in supreme melodious synchronisation by the drumming!

Another of the things that really took my breath away was the girl dancing in the fast fading dusky sun, with the fireworks in the background. It was simply divine!!

There's something about his songs that really captivate you. Their lyrics seems to trascend me to another place. Although I don't really understand 'em!! Like what most of the Americans say about Indian religions, It's mystical man!! ;-)!

Anyhoo, this got me into listening some of his other songs!! Another song that really stood out was Allah ke Bande! I had seen the vdo of this, and had liked the song, even though it isn't exactly my preferred genre. Then he had short hair, and he himself was playing the guitar. I was completely beguiled that the same person was actually singing Teri Deewani. I never expected it to be the same person, although the voice similarity was uncanny.

Even Allah ke Bande is extremely captivating. Try out both the songs. Worth it!!

My rating - 4.5/5