Money money money...

In this modern world, money is the be all and end all of everything. Is money really a panacea or the harbinger of all troubles? We call ourselves more cultured today. We call ourselves to be the highest form of evolution in the world. Yet, we have boundaries and classes of people based on money. Money was injected into society because of our cultural evolution. It was not present when we evolved from our primate forefathers. Who gave man the authority to attribute value to things that nature creates?

Would life still have been the same if we did not have the concept of money and everything was free? Would there be a word called "free"?

Hasn't money created a rift in the world delineating people in various classes? Would we have had warring nations? Would we have had people becoming bad, corrupt just for money?

I can see a lot of places where money has only turned us into barbarians! Where people lose track of their morals, their principles, their ethics, even their love and concern for other members of the same tribe. After all, we are all but part of one major tribe, one major species - the homo sapiens, right?

Would we have had people making stuff that we don't need just to make more profit for the companies? No deception. Everything would have been done if and only if it would make life better for the tribe.

Having money has become necessary in this world today. To survive, you have to either search for kindness and charity or a source of money. Instead of making life easier, it has only made life tougher for a good majority of people. Families are not staying together as families. The parents are busy earning to save for their subsistence after a certain age.

Is this the way that world should be moving, when everyone is running behind money? Should we really let money rule us?

At the same time, if we decide that we will not run after money, are we losing out on something? We cannot cater to the luxuries of life!

I ask the question again, has money made life better or worse for humankind? Post your opinions!!

This post was inspired from two things, the current book that I am reading - The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris, and Ugly past; between truth and PR stunts... - the post at Chronicles of a Utopian Writer!