Girl aged 5 forced to apologize for hugging classmate

There was an earlier post of mine, in which, Deepu had mentioned that the education system was failing miserably today! Here is another example, I read today that would work in his favor!

Girl, 5, Forced To Apologize For Hugging Classmate

Now, prima facie, I would be the first to admit that this is way beyond hilarious. It initially caused me to laugh out loud. However, on further reading, I found that it's highly aberrant behaviour from what we have been taught. Well, at least what I have been taught!

At issue is a hug Savannah said she got on the playground from a friend named Sophie. Savannah hugged Sophie back. The hugs resulted in Savannah having to write a letter, complete with teacher corrections, that read, "I touch Sophie because she touch me and I didn't like it because she was hugging me. I didn't like when she hugged me."

"She said, 'I'm really sad that I got in trouble for hugging,'" Brier said.

What is this world coming to? If a teacher asks a student to write an apology letter because the kids exchanged hugs? Hehe, I am telling you L-)!! Furthermore, you see a cover-up [not judging] here. The school authorities claim that the girl tried to lift the other person off the floor. Anyhoo, weird!

Another thing that came into my mind is how much teachers are now involving in student issues. I mean, I have been through so many petty fights that I have lost count. Many of them turned out to be quite close pals. We solved our own differences. Isn't that part of growing up, part of learning the big picture? Correct me if I am wrong, but this should never have got the teacher involved!!