How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild and Got a Life - Review

How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life


Continuing from my previous post, I finished reading How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life. :-D! The book was just another chick-flick. It didn't cater to my taste or my expectation of the book. [Un]fortunately for the author, the book was taken off from the shelves of all bookstores, as a result of some plagiarism, accepted by the author. The media of course blew it up, the author got some flak and some notorious publicity. Anyway, D was carrying this book and saying it was an ok read, so I took it from her, and got myself some lovely Bhature, a pack of Lays and settled down to read....

So, whaddya find in this book, hmmm... Lemme "list" it out... ;-)!

  • Two nerdy, obsessive compulsive parents whose sole objective in life was to get their daughter into Harvard
  • Some crappy liners
  • A teenage romantic flick theme
  • No erotica whatsoever :-(!

In comes Opal Mehta, the central character of the book [Duh!!], and the explanation of a geeky, nerdy female who's leading a sad life, according to the Dean of Admissions of Harvard. Oh did I forget to mention that it was her dream school, and her parents'. They even devised HOWGIH - How Opal Would Get Into Harvard, a "comprehensive" plan, filled with charts, and lists [her mom's favorite], and what not! The book takes us through the implementation of the plan HOWGAL - How Opal Will Get a Life, as the Dean of Admissions suggested she should. ;-)!

The book, I figured was badly compiled! Yes, it had structure, it had some funny lines. The author can depict some vivid pictures with her usage of words :-D! The situation might arise, indeed, it's actually even really possible. What could have been an awesome plot however, was thrown down on the floor, stamped, pissed upon, and allowed to mould...

Well, the parents were depicted as stupid nerds, which is something I don't agree with. Most of the nerds, geeks etc aren't all that impractical. Yes there are very, very rare cases. But, they definitely aren't the norm. C'mon, suddenly conservative Indian parents, who considered getting their only child into Harvard decide to be oh-so-cool parents, who go to the extent of learning even the lingo of the day.

IOW, parents who would say "Hi Opal. How are you today?" started saying "Yo 'sup Opal? Everything hanging well in the hood today?"

Hmmm, Nopes, it just can't be... But then again, it's a work of fiction :-D!! Hehehe!

The book would still have been nice to read, had it not been for the introduction of Sean, Opal's to-be-boyfriend-whose-guts-she-doesn't-like-initially. [That's so passe a chick-flick yaar]. I mean, comon there should have been some originality in the writing. But, no, he's this guitar god, an anti-establishment hero [hehe not our Aamir Khan types], who knows and judges people for who they are. Studies is not his way to live. Respect for his idol, Jim Morrison is the only way to go. Oh apart from his mother and guitar and prolly his boss at the coffee-shop he works... [Forgot, rather didn't pay too much attention]

The book is ok to read, but then that's about it. Nothing phenomenal. Reminds me of the classic teenage chick-lit movies.

What I thought was awesome was the fact that Kaavya Viswanathan got $500,000 from the publishers of the book. That really really motivates me to write about my own life. I am sure if compiled would amount to quite some pages and some funny incidents. :-D!!

Note to self: Have to, _HAVE TO_, start on that :-D!! Hehehe!!