Women - Rant!!

*Warning*: Has rants on women. It's not intentional and does not target anyone. It's a rant. It's an opinion that has been on my thought for sometime. This doesn't make a misogynist, and I am NOT. It's a mere observation and my inference from the same!

Oh but how can girls can really change the life of a human male!!! Are they doing it with the vile intention of causing harm to the friendship between two friends, or is it a repercussion as part of the attention seeking nature of theirs and the extremely fickle male brain.

God, why did you create girls? They are so beautiful, so fragile, so caring and at the same time so conniving, so sharp, cunning!! Grrrr... Why can't all of them be like the normal human male, whose brain takes some time to mature!!

There are so many things I love about them, But they can be a serious pain. Sorta like the old adage "Can't live with them. Can't live without them!!"

What I really have come to hate, is how a lady can come in between friends, completely messing up the awesome life that these people led. They have torn their routine into tatters. They have created uncomfortable silences amongst people who have never had to think about what they are saying to the other person. It's abominable.

I am _not_ saying that women are bad. It's just that their nuance and feminity is a threat to friendship!!

The cool dude who was awesome to hang around with suddenly becomes a yuppie around her. The effervescent boy uses his entire resources in spending time with "her". Gaming/sporting sessions turn into messaging or chatting over the internet. I have undergone the same feelings.

Mind you, this is coming from a guy who has crushes nineteen to the dozen!

Why? But Why?? [in the Terminator voice]

I dunno, but I wanna know. Anyone out there listening to me? I am open to a discussion!