Ze concoction called decoction!

Coffeee, the amruth of the software engineer. Why's the typical software engineer hooked on to the blackish Java bliss? [Note: I am not talking about the self conscious Yoga learning, spiritual psycho software engineers as well who I have come across! I'd prefer to discuss a donkey's circumcision than discuss their antics!]

So, why does the decoction fuel the life of the Indian software engineer? Are the Indian software engineers becoming caffeine addicts? Hehe, maybe they should try a swig of Jolt or Starbucks Double Shot.

So, how do you prepare the best coffee you can? This is a simple guide to getting home made coffee at your workplace!


  • Milk or cream
  • Sugar - to taste
  • Decoction - very important if you wanna brew _that_ perfect Java lava!
  • Your own coffee cup. The one that I use is given by S-dawg, after he flicked it from a campus :-D! I also think that CCD outlets have some awesome coffee mugs. I have 2 more - one given by Pratibha Aunty and one I flicked from home without mum knowing. Ma, if you are reading this, you know where your cup is rite :-D!!

Further instructions are for people who have access to decoction in their work place. If you have one of those coffee dispensers, like Cafe Coffee Day or Fresh Brew or something like that, tough luck man!! You are missing out on something !!

  • Step #1: Decide on the brew type - Cappuccino or Espresso and the thickness you want it. Some people really love their coffee to be as dark as humanly possible, with it reeking of the decoction, and the other extreme is of course, coffee flavored milk. I prefer mine to be not to dark, not too light. I usually take about 1/5ths the mug to be decoction for a full mugga caffeine kick :-D!
  • Step #2: Once you have put in the decoction, put in sugar to taste. Ideal brew - don't put too much sugar. Not good for health ;-)!
  • Step #3: Now, for a cappuccino, ya gotta start the stirring. Stir it until it frappes up a lot... and I do mean a lot :-D!!
  • Step #4: Now add milk + water, depending on your preference. Let it fill up! Only then stir it to get the freshest, best brew of Java you have had!!
  • Step #5: A good conversation. My usual practice is to pull up my friend and go with him for my shots during the day!!

Well, now comes the part where in we have to know the reason as to why we get hooked onto coffee so badly :-D!! Even before we realise the numbers increase exponentially almost!

After not too much thought, I have come to the conclusion that coffee is probably the only thing that is given free and unlimited by the company. As our mindset is to get the maximum benefits outta the company provided services, we automatically tend to increase the amount of coffee we consume :-D!! I am of course looking forward to people giving me their own experiences with this wonderful concoction we all love called COFFEE!!

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Holy Cow, this is the 6th post of the day!! God, hopefully my manager doesn't realise this :-D!