Kodak v570 dual lens camera, iPod Shuffle 512MB and 17,300 bucks later...

I think y'day walking around Forum was one of the best things I did! I got myself a deal of the century!! Me, Arijit bro and Basanti were out to have dinner after we collected Basanti's snaps from Adlabs. Will have to post 'em. It contains a snap where in a beautiful emotion has been captured! I told them over a subway veg shammi [the choice of the day for Rs. 50] that I wanted to buy a digi cam. So, Arijit suggested that we just go check out a Kodak showroom in Forum. After finishing, we just went out to the showroom to capture the biggest deal in the century! The Kodak V570 dual lens digital camera was introduced to us by the retailer for a sum of Rs 12,999. The better deal was buy a 512MBSD card for your camera and a pouch to safeguard it, you get an Apple iPod Shuffle free with it! Shocking, amazing!! I was amazed at the camera itself, and this deal just pushed the deal into the retailer's favor. Anyhoo, here's my review of the camera, followed by an official, unbiased review by Cnet!

The Kodak v570 camera is the first one of its kind featuring a dual lens system! This essentially contributes to an Ultra wide scene capture experience, extremely useful, when you wanna capture your big family or all your office m8s or that amazing natural scenery you found at the trip you decided to take to get outta the city and get your space back :-D!

It's a perfect companion for the fast point-and-shoot types, although I prefer to think that I am more of the manual settings guy [tho I dunno jack about photography :-D]. The USP of the cam although was its looks. With its ultracompact design, it hardly takes up any space in your pocket. It's about as big as my cell phone [the SE K750i] albeit heavier!

Another beautiful experience with the cam is the HUMONGOUS LCD screen in the back. Makes picture and video viewing crystal clear. Oh yeah, the video quality is simple breathtaking btw. No glitches, with its anti-distortion system. IOW, the perfect companion for the road!

Oh, yeah the docking station. The cam comes with a docking station to allow transfer to your computer or view it on your TV. The audio quality is good, and as mentioned before, the vdo quality is breathtaking. I still haven't uploaded the snaps to the comp and checked it. Will do that probably Monday!! Until then, will experiment a lot with it :-D!!

Some drawbacks that I read about - Battery life lasts only for about 80 snaps with full charge and full zoom-in, zoom-out playing and LCD on for a long time.

The joystick, although strong could be pretty hard to manage for people with huge hands.

The buttons on the top can be hard to remember and recognize. However, I think that's bull unless you are a complete n00b to the cam world!

So, 17,300 bucks later, I relist my gadgets collection over the past year, Hmmm

-> My SE K750i -> My Kodak v570 -> My iPod Shuffle 512MB

Things yet to buy -> Apple Macbook Pro [::slurp]

Will come out with a more technical review asap! Till then, it's gonna be happy shooting for me ;-)!

Official review for the unbiased: http://reviews.cnet.com/Kodak_EasyShare_V570/4505-6501_7-31637957-2.html?tag=toc