Xmen 3: The Last Stand

The Last Stand A twist of events, change in characters, many come, many go. It's a movie filled with a lotta changes in the Xmen! Among the 3 I have seen, this is the best Xmen so far. However, it still doesn't make an impact on me.

Why I hated the movie!

  • The story was too fast.
  • Unnecessary scenes between Rogue and the guy who freezes was a drag!
  • The story wasn't told properly!

Why I liked the movie!

  • Wolverine was awesome - as I was discussing with Ratish, he should have been made the next James Bond!
  • The special effects and the action sequences were short, but still good
  • Halle Berry looked good ;-)!
  • They still left a way to continue the movie :-)!
  • "Grow those back" was a really funny dialogue!

*****PLOT SPOILER WARNING***** One of the best things about the movie that left an impression on me was when Fire guy [God, I have to get to know these names :-D] tells that it was a good thing that the prof was killed. Magneto [phew finally] told him that he couldn't begin to comprehend what the prof had done for the mutants. It sorta gave me an idea as to how even close friends can have such different perspectives :-)! Their friendship was also hinted in the second movie when the prof and Magneto were playing chess in his confinement chamber.

It gave Magneto a heart, which was lacking in the first two movies. Inspite of the fact that we were talking about mutants, it gave a "human" touch to the movie!

IOW, 2.75 stars outta 5. The movie is worth watching, but it isn't phenomenal!

Brilliant performances by Wolverine, Storm, Prof, Juggernaut :-)!!

For an official review and checking out the cast, and other things, check out IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0376994/