Finding a good laptop in Germany!

As part of the promise that I had made to The Fragger in Just in case people are wondering, I am gonna start a series of posts that lead me to buy a nice laptop in Germany. Maybe the final purchase may not even happen here, but bah humbug, who cares, when at the end I get a nicey lappy :-D [pardon the pun]! Anyhoo, Here's what I want

  • Nice big screen, super cool res - 15.4" - 17" [Ultra Wide Res]
  • Tons of processing power and memory - required by my working style :-D
  • A decent graphics processing power - better chug a few framerates for sum games and play those DVD movies without any glitch whatsoever.
  • Must have Wi-Fi and a good network card
  • Preferably bluetooth and cardreader - not a necessity
  • Good keyboard, comfortable and lasting
  • Light - as much as possible
  • Sleek looks -lotsa black [not too much silver]only the last [eye candy features aren't exactly on my platter] Beggars can't be choosers :-D!!

So, hopefully I have sum suggestions from you people. My budget is about 1000 Euros plus minus 200 Euros!!