Beer drinking for the uninitiated

Warning: I am not a beer connoisseur. I have started drinking only about a year ago. I started drinking beer only on July 11, 2005. But, it has become one of all time favorite drinks. There will a lotta yapping and assumptions, forgive me for them, and read, else don't :-D!

That said, some more disclaimers. I cannot gorge on beer. I can hardly finish a pitcher, and a mug after that AT THE VERY MOST. I can get high on beer, even after just a pint.

Phew... Now that's something I have come out and told in the open :-D! Anyhoo, getting back to the topic. I started drinking only after my college. I was strongly against for no particular reason except that I thought that I didn't really need to drink to enjoy. I still believe so. I hardly consume alcohol even now. On an average, it's once a week, if people wanna really hang out and grab some beer. But I have had some awesome times, when I got drunk as well. :-D!

Why am I digressing so much? Already I see no structure in this blog... ;-)

First of all, The golden rules on drinking, which was co-formulated by me and Arjun! So, ya gotta follow all that.

Now, comes to the part where in I started preaching about drinking to the prestidigitator. So, here's the excerpt from that. [Psstt... I am too lazy to type it all over again :-D]

-> Don’t go by the taste. It sucks, initially, but then you grow to love it.
-> GO FOR THE DRAUGHT BEER and NOT the bottled beer.
-> Drink slowly and steadily.
-> Always keep some bites near you. The best I like is “peanut masala” served in all the pubs in India. French fries, Potato wedges, wafers, chicken wings, drum sticks??? if you are a non-vegetarian
-> If people have told you that you will puke when you drink the first time, it’s but a myth. It’s all in the mind. If at all you feel like puking, all you need to do is take a bite of something you like and smell it. Removes the feeling
-> Do not mix your drinks the first time! That’s for later ;-)
-> Beer is healthier than Coke/Pepsi/other aerated drinks -D !!
-> If it’s a pub, DO NOT GO TO A PUB where in you don’t like the music. Screws the experience big time -D !

Now, those should get you started. Will fill this up and complete it later, as I am totally bored rite now :-D!! Just too many blog entries for today!