The long journey...

The engines suddenly roared to life. In spite of all the insulation against the sounds, the pressure was felt inside - and along with it the need to just let out. The pilot was holding the plane with the brakes as it was lashing out to just be unleashed as the force caused the plane to shudder. So was he. As the pilot let go off the brakes, a sudden lurch jolted him to accept the reality. He was taking off. He was taking off to a place he had been wanting to go ever since he heard the news that he is being transferred for a year - the place, which was supposed to be awesome for a fresher to go to - working with the guys who actually made what he worked on.

The opportunity however didn’t hold anymore importance to him. As the plane was speeding down the runway, the pilot managing the power churned by the four jets, he too fighting to control - the power of emotions. The truth struck him as ironical. He didn't wanna take off anymore. Not when life was doing its best for him.

Her words played on his mind again and again like a record put on repeat - "Just turn back and run!" He felt helpless. He wanted to... He wanted to leave everything and just get back to her. As he turned back, he hit the person coming behind him, absolutely eager to board the plane as well. Not even bothering to look back after saying a sorry, the person was floating towards the dark corridor - the gate leading that was boarding the plane. The hit had brought him to reality. Even if he did brave the souls mobbing towards the plane, the guard was never gonna let him get out back to the waiting area.

"I should have turned back," his mind was scoffing at him. "Why do I never turn back?" he kept asking himself as he let the mobbing souls push him towards the bright exit which seemed too dark anyway.

He felt his stomach churn a little as the flight took off the ground! He cursed the travel guys who had managed to him a seat at the ruddy centre of the plane. He had specifically requested them for a window seat, so that he could at least watch the world outside, without thinking of life in general, and specifically his.

There were some things, which he wished he could go back and correct. The last hug, just wasn't enough. Why did he have to just go like that. He should have gone back just one more time, or more and told her how much she meant to him. He should have gone back and told everyone how much they meant to him. How his life has been a bliss with them. And now he was off to start another episode, all alone. Yes, all alone. Not the way he would have liked it to be. Not now, not ever. The feeling of loneliness crept over him. He looked to his sides to see himself flanked by strangers. Never had he been so alone in his life, even amidst 300 people in the fully loaded aircraft, which he half suspected was the case.

There was no one to tell him, "Hi bro!!" or "Wazzzzzaaaaaa" in the plane and no one to hold him and say, "I Love you..." He was sure to be bombarded with mails/messages from her next day, not to mention pointing it out for the rest of his life that he did not turn back. And, he cursed himself silently for what he did. He longed to see her again and as he felt the wheels go off the ground, in the aircraft gathering speed and altitude, he also let go and shed some silent tears, much to the shock of the people flanking him.

He did not know where he was going to go, save for the name. He had no clue of what he was going to go through alone in the world, vast and now thrown at him. But, he knew that he was going to come back and claim what he wanted. What he treasured, what he loved, more than anything in the world. He will come back and claim her, and all his friends. With the deep thought stirring him inside, he moved on to settle himself in the crowded seat. And, slowly, thinking about the past 2 weeks, he moved to close his eyes! Sleep was never a problem for him, but today he had to try hard. He knew that.... He knew that and smiled... A sad smile, but filled with hope, filled with love and warmth, that memories served him!!