English Authors and the likes...

Well, if it isn't but a ruddy old typhoon that must have brought the bunch of leaves as if held by a tornado, or a typhoon, up somewhere in the tropics as they say that I decided to read Wodehouse again late last night, when I must have been getting my eight hours of shut eye. However, as if fate and destiny decided to play with my mind, as they seldom do that I did! Ever since, I have had this indescribable feeling of getting up and writing something on to my blog, or web log or whatever name that your mind might think of.

And here I am trying to quench just that indescribable feeling, unquenchable thirst and the likes! Anyhoo, having to get back to normal, here are some observations, well make that one observation!

The way these English greet each other - "What Ho!" seems quite a take aback for the sane minded, American contemporary English minded people like me [some may call it perverted] but just tell it to yourselves, "What Ho!"? I mean... it's hilarious! U find a good looking gal on the street and you go "What Ho" I mean, she might take a punch at you, exercise her palms, use her gym built skills, so to speak! ;-)!

So, trying to get outta this mindset, was randomly wandering out through the blogosphere [well being too lazy to read everything in sight, I just moved through my blogroll, but who really cares about what I was doing anyway], I kinda  ventured again to a blog I recently came across. It's a juni's of mine from college. I mean she's in the 1st year, so it's like a quasi juni allrite. So, what I wanted to say was, Hmmm, quite interesting. Passing on whatever I can to raise a toast for her fast populating blog - Musings, Memories, Mutters...! Quite an impressive style of writing, I must say!!

Kudos and all ze best.

Btw, something I have been pondering for quite some time. I've read quite a few blogs now, and always find that the fairer sex is kinda making quite a progress as far as their writing skills are concerned, including humor. I mean, guys are funny, blatantly funny. However, creativity really takes the form of girls who blog!!

Anyhoo a toast to them, virtual, as I am outta alcohol!! :-D!!