Just when you thought Germany was good.

So, finally I had come to terms with the fact that Germany is a cool place. The loneliness factor was decreasing, some quality work getting finished, and BOOM, life decides to call the bluff on itself - the magic that was becoming Germany! Today was just another day. I woke up late in the morning, after a long serious night and much coaxing and cajoling from my better half, I somehow managed to get ready to office. No premoniton or idea that hell had other plans for me!

I came back from work got down @ the station and then went out to the cycle parking lot and removed my keys to only find that well the cycle wasn't there in its place! The shocking thing was that the place seemed like a mess.

The first thing I checked was if I came to the Bahnhof in my cycle, and realised that I did remember biking to the station. And parking at the place, where I was standing, but the cycle wasn't there. I moved around the place, hoping in my mind that somebody had just moved it and that I will find it safe, with its Winnie the Pooh, character - the tiger horn! But, *sniff sniff* some @$$hole has decided to steal the bike *Wail*!!

Anyhoo, I called up my landlord immediately and told her that the cycle is missing and that I had locked it in the morning and I didnt know what to do. She asked me to find the Railways Lost and Found! Well, lucky as I am, i ran outta calling charge on my cellphone as well. And there begins a rush to the nearest T-Punkt to try and get a recharge card.

I was asked to wait a whole 15 minutes until - A chinese lady was told about 15 times that the DSL connection will take at least 7 days and that she needed to be @ her house on Friday from 1500-1700 hrs so that the DSL people could come and check the stupid line!! Grrr.... - An old dada was told the DSL rates about 10 times. - One T-mobile customer service representative was busy typing stuff into his computer after telling me, "Uno momente" and another one left the building directing me to the guy still furiously typing away into his kiosk!

And after that, I managed to call her back and we discussed that she can arrange another cycle for me tomorrow and she's also showing some cheaper apartments to me over @ the place from where she's giving me the cycle from. The options are 100Euros cheaper for an apartment with NO telephone or Internet connectivity, and 50 Euros cheaper for an apartment which has telephone n internet connectivity.

Anyhoo, the DSL modem looks like a distant dream as of now. Let's just hope that i get it soon.

Apart from that, work is hectic. Have an internal milestone this Wednesday and I am coding away to glory in office. :-D!

I will have 2 reimburse the landlord for the cycle. I am saving only about 15 Euros per month, with da cycle, apart from freedom to roam around, but I will have to reimburse her with about 150Euros - the cost of a decent second hand bicycle!! Grrr...

Overall, IOW, a bad day!! :-D!!

P.S. This post is dedicated in loving memory of the bicycle that served me well for the past 4 weeks. I miss u baby!! It was wonderful being with you, and wherever you are, I hope you are happy!