A Week of Announcements

This week has been full of activity, considering the amount of roll outs of new gadgets and their related services. The consumer market is going to go crazy with all the new options coming out :-D! Apple, came out with their "It's Showtime" on the 12-Sep-2006. They announced

  • 5.5G iPod with Games The 5.5G iPod featuring brighter screen, an 80GB version, games support
  • http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.engadget.com/media/2006/09/dsc_1054.jpg The Rainbow iPod Nano featuring a new design and various colors [Hmmm clip on covers next??]
  • 2GB iPod Shuffle The "Smallest Mp3 player" iPod shuffle featuring Clip and go and 2GB of memory with an aluminium casing
  • iTV - Apples entry into the Set Top Box, which is becoming huge in the US market
  • iTunes 7 And to support all this - the iTunes 7

Close behind, y'day Microsoft has finally announced their entry into Apple's dominant market - Mobile media players - and media service itself with Zune. Status has finally changed from Coming Zune ;-)!

  • Zune They announced their first Zune player - available in White, Black and Brown [why didn't Apple think of that??]
  • The Zune media marketplace - or something like that, which I never bothered to check

More Zune pics [source: http://engadget.com/]

Zune package

The Harddisks turned 50, celebrating their golden jubilee in many blogs around the world. Surprising that none of the hard disk manufacturing companies came out with any interesting hard-disks!! Hmmm.. anyhoo, the event wasn't publicized anywhere other than Engadget and some other blog news sites.

Microsoft Hardware came out with some real sexy peripherals for the "live" world of Microsoft. Microsoft peripherals Microsoft peripherals Microsoft Peripherals Microsoft Peripherals

Microsoft, again announced some more Vista RC1 Preview licenses and I managed to get hold of one and I have dowloaded the RC1 DVD ISO. I need to burn it and give the OS a whirl. :-D!

All in all, an amazing week, I must say! :-)!