El Tago!!

On my decision that I will have no more techie blogs on this site, I am gonna start off with a tag by thought.less.ness!

What according to you, is a blog?
Weblog! What else can it be? However, personally for me, a place where I vent my frustration, write about thoughts that randomly pop outta nowhere but have to go somewhere.

How did you come to know about blogging?
Vysnu. Was amazed at the content-management-system - Drupal. Then decided to make my own CMS and it ended up in me writing blogs :-D!!!

How far it has changed your perception?
No change whatsoever, except that it helped me meet a really special person in my life :-)!

Are you true to yourself while blogging ?
Huh? What kinda question is that? Aren't people generally true to themselves, unless they make a conscious effort not to be and be someone else!! I have made no such decisions, so yup!! As true as true can be!!

Any blog you wish to be the author of and why?
Hmm, personally I'd like to believe that mine is awesome and believe TEIO, so well, people are good at what they do. Dunno if I will be the same, mite be better, but not the same - so well, none!! :-)!

What it has preached you?
Hmmm, love pervades the supposedly _impersonal_ cyberspace as well :-)!

Two of your fav. Blogs? And why?
Less than perfect - for obvious reasons!
the prestidigitator - I like that place :-)!

One of your fav. Post by a fellow blogger?
It's a private post. So you guys won't be able to read it anyway :-)!

One of your fav. Post by yourself?
V for Vendetta

Any Blog friends ! Who are they and why?
Practically everyone in my blog roll. No answer to why?

If provided opportunity would you like to meet a fellow blogger? Who? and why?
I have practically met all my fellow bloggers. The others I shall. Btw, one decision to meet a fellow blogger was the best decision in my life ;-)!!

Name a blogger, who comments regularly in each post of yours?
Hmm, Ms Imperfect, ontheverge, sidzofrenia, sukhi, and now JV

A blog, where you comment regularly?
Most of the people in my blogroll!!

How does it feel to be called as a blogger?
The feeling is great. It's as if God has blessed me with this degree... :P

Feels no different if u know what I mean ;-)!

Everyone and anyone is tagged, who feel like up2 it :-D!!