Beside you...

Many a times I pry
N still many more I try
In my mind infinite times
I just weep and cry...

Look at the stars they aint helping
Or go for a smoke outside
Stare at the street, humming a beat
Nothing beats being

Nothing beats being beside.

Aaah, yes!! I have finally managed to jot down something! Woohoo!! ;-)! Well I had actually jotted this down y'day evening whilst I was almost ready to get outta work. Anyhoo, am completely awake @ 07:06am on a cold Saturday morning. Am in really high-spirits as well [no pun intended]. Was pleasantly woken up by my darling at 20 minutes past 6. Now gonna make a nice coffee and sit and see if I can get my lazy brain to write something.. It's been far too long :-)!