Muscules... pronounced - "muskyules"...

Work out people... It makes you feel so good and can convert even asloth like me to into an active person.. ;-)!! I joined a gym 3 days ago and have had 3 days of working out so far. Well, aches and spasms not-withstanding, it's been amazing. I found out some muscles existed in my body that I never knew of, when they cried bloody murder when I started to exercise them! I have decided to continue this work out for a few reasons -

  1. I feel a lot more active. I used to sleep for about 8-10 hours on a normal weekday and about 14-18 hours during the weekends. After the work-out regime has started, I am having blissful sleep for about 6-7 hours and after that I am actually feeling a lot more energetic :-)
  2. Food is getting digested and that too the hard-brot [hard bread] and cheese and I dont feel guilty of the love-handles I was developing eatin that!
  3. To come over the shock and shame of my work out weights. :-D!! For e.g. for a machine, used to work out my biceps, I am using a weight setting of 40kgs. I saw a girl next to me pull 60kgs, as if she were lifting a piece of cloth!!
  4. I owe this much to the erstwhile fat me!!

My work out regime for the next 10 8 workouts is

  • 10 minutes of warm up, I do the exercise bike at about 60-80 revs per minute in a 3 setting. [Don't even ask me what those numbers mean :-P]
  • 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps of biceps, triceps, abs, upper back, lower back, upper shoulder, lower shoulder, legs, calves, inner thigh strengthening work out. At the end of 10 8 workouts, they will revise the plan depending on whether the muscles have adapted to the current weight settings
  • Stretches -  feels amazing @ the end of this allrite, kills me whilst doing it :-D!
  • At least 30 minutes of cardio - I do a combo of 10-20 minutes of treadmill @ 10kmph, 20 minutes of crosstrainers [Thinking of doing the boat rowing thing - loooks cool :-P]

And then I come back and cook lunch [during weekends] and plan to cook dinner [during weekdays]. Feels good, so good. I am then active for the rest of the day [weekends] and sleep like a baby [weekdays]!! Yippee!! Hopefully I manage to continue this work out regime!! *Fingers crossed*!

Btw, check out my gym's website:

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