An hour later....

An hour later, I am reminiscing a typical Diwali morning and sighing and sulking away to glory!! - Wake up - take a bath with a vigor that never really beats anything - put on ur new dress - look sharp - burst crackers - go to neighbor's house - burst crackers there coz you are saving up on urs for the night :D - Have some khaana at neighbor's place coz they invited you and Ro and the food just looked yummy [not to mention uve been hungry ever since u been up] - halfway thru the meal, hear Ma yelling out to you - you quickly change the embarassed look and gorge down the dosas provided [coz ya know @ home u got Idlis] - rush back home forgetting to take back sweets from the neighbors - look at mum sheepishly when she asks what we been up2 @ neighbors place - we answer saying havin sum sweets - mum smells the twisted truth and asks where's the sweets dabba they gave 4 home then - rush back to da neighbor's place, grab another bite of the yummy vadas and rush back home with the sweet dabba - look at the yummy idlis and sambhar and chutney staring back at ya - sit down on the floor [yeah Diwali days we used to sit on the floor and eat] and gorge on the yummy idlis [My mouth's watering now]. Finish that off and head out to the temple [most of the diwalis it was the other way round - temple first and then home to have breaky or even @ neighbor's house].

Drive every1 to the temple, and pray - rush back home and gorge on more idlis. Never was too much of a fan of Diwali sweets :D!! Damn, I am smelling idli n sambhar now *sigh*!! Then have yummy vadas and have that coffee, we Tam Brahms are famous for!! [RIte now I am sipping on microwave heated milk with instant Nescafe to have some sorta food intake before I head to the gym]!!

I miss terribly everything related to Diwali suddenly. This is officially the second time I am missing Diwali in India. The first time was in US. But then again, I had my family to take me thru that!! Living alone during the festivals sucks :(!!

Listening to: Joshua Radin [We Were Here #03] - Everything'll Be Alright [Will's Lullaby]