Happy Diwali!!

Diwali - the festival of lights. I woke up and I have turned all the lights on in my house - yup everything - the hall, the table lamp in the hall, the standing lamp in the hall, the 2 kictchen lights and the bathroom lights! Yup, that's pretty much my celebration for Diwali!!

Woken up @ 6am by call from home!!

Dad: Hey Ravi! Me: Goooooodddd mooorrrrning - in the laziest sleepiest tone ever [mentally thinking about wishful thinker] Dad: Happy Diwali kutta! Me: Happy Diwali Pa!! Wats happening? Dad: I am putting mom on the phone!! You still asleep or what? Aren't u aware today's Diwali? Me: It's 6am and i dont have any crackers to burst with people - I dont have people around in my apartment [:O]!! Dad: Hold on - mom coming thru Mom: Hi Ravi!! Happy Diwali! Me: Hi maaa [stretching now]!! Happy Diwali!! Mom: Ennadaa, u still not awake - what the hell u doing sleeping? You do know today's Diwali rite? Me: Yeah ma, I did get wind of the fact! Mom: So then wake up, take a bath, change into a new dress and then u can sleep! Me: Ma, that's sweet - IOW u are asking me to wake up, take a bath and then wear new underwear - coz that's the only "new" thing I have. Mom: Comon idiot! Get up - wash ur face at least have a sweet! Me: A chocolate would do? Mom: Yeah yeah... Today you don't have office? Me: Ma - it's a Saturday morning! Why you tormenting me with such questions. I am in Germany - I dont work an house more than my 8-5! They close down their shops by 8. You really expect these guys to get me working on a Saturday morning? I'd scream bloody murder! Mom: Then that's the place for you na - u lazy bum! Me: Of course, but I have heard that in Aussie land - they have half a day officially off on a Friday!! Mom: Cool, so go there and then take us there Me: Of course ma!! Mom: We have checked a new house - end of the same road - nice, clean place! I kinda liked it :-)! Me: Awesome so when's the official move in? Me: Where's Rohini? That stupid girl I can't even wish her Happy Diwali!!?? Mom: She's gone to the house of [name deleted]! Their daughter and Ro are friends now. Me: Oh ok!! Mom: Why dontcha take 2 more hours of sleep and then call us back or we'll call ya!! Me: [Wide awake now] - Ma you've woken me up! I am getting old, I can't get my sleep again! I will prolly make myself a nice cuppa coffee and sip on it!! Mom: Why dontcha go running? Me: MA, I am working out n I dont intend to go there for another coupla hours at least. Mom: Ok, I need to rush [When u gotta go, u gotta go situation]. Give us a missed call when you're up!! Shall call ya back when Ro's here Me: Ok!! But I am up already!! Shall call ya guys in a coupla hours before heading to the gym!! [Mentally noting: Call Harini immediately after this convo is done]!! [Click - phone dead and engaged tone takes over]

I call up the one person that can make me happyh to see that either the call is not going through [coz I can hear the ringing, but no1s picking up] or my day's mishap had just happened!! Anyhoo, I am up and typing a blog post @ 40 minutes past 6 on a Diwali Saturday!!

Happy Diwali y'all!!

Aside: Y'day I had gone to Nuremburg and had met John and his teammates. One of his teammates - S had made pongal after I asked her 2 make it for me. Wow - it was heavenly. The taste is still lingering in my mouth [ok I have brushed folks!! Dont get weird ideas now] - Oath taken not to drink or smoke until I meet Harini up!! First test passed y'day and daily tests being passed everyday. Have a beer bottle in my fridge, which has not been touched!! Woohoo!! Feeling proud of myself! - Dinner scheduled @ V's place!! - I miss the festivities of Diwali! I am gonna work out on a Diwali morning!! I suddenly feel sad and lonely!! :(!