dilemma, quandary -- (state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options)

Well, everything happens together doesn't it? At least it's been the case so far. Dang it!! I am in a quandary - coz I have to choose between 2 unfavorable options!! Aaarggghh the pain of moving your residence [:P]!!

Till now I have been looking for a nice apartment to enjoy Germany at a lesser price. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my current apartment, it's just that I can't afford it, if I need to save any money outta this otherwise slightly harassing experience.

I get one [thanks to Jonas - he managed to even rope in an appointment with the current tenant], which is bang opposite my current place of residence. The best part about it is that, there is not much of a move - my gym - one of the few things I have grown to love is right by my side - about a minute of walking away from me. Everything else is close to me - the provision store, the bus stop - the train station itself is a mere 10-15 mins walk away!! - The rent almost half of what I am paying for a bigger apartment as well! it's just 360 Euros - yes a lotta things like utilities are missing!!

On the other hand, one of my colleagues told me that one of his team-mates is coming to Erlangen and he's interested in sharing an apartment. There's a bigger apartment available  - for close to 600 Euros [to be borne by 2]. However, it's almost at the other end of town. Going in a complete opposite direction from the bus stop!!

So, lemme do a pros/cons finance analysis..

New apartment opp my current place

  1. Close to the gym - which is awesome
  2. Close to grocery/bus stop
  3. Walking distance from the Bahnhof
  4. City Centre and bus services are regular
  5. Love my privacy
  6. Net/Telephone shouldn't be too much of a problem\


  1. Kinda lonely
  2. Everything has to be done by urself
  3. Haven't checked on what all is going to be available for me - as in washer/dryer/wardrobe/cupboards/bed/vessels etc
  4. All payments apart from the rent also has to be borne by myself - including - telephone/DSL/grocery/Cooking/Bedding etc

Financial Analysis
Rent + Hot costs [heating/electricity/maintenance/elevator charges etc] = approx 400 Euros!!
House deposit = 800 Euros = 2 months deposit [shall get 600 Euros from current]

Option of moving in with a house-mate

  1. Rent will be cheap
  2. Everything is shared - especially house maintenance
  3. Wont be too lonely
  4. In a bigger apartment with a healthy Indian population
  5. House mate from the same place of work
  6. A new gym with more facilities
  7. All facilities are shared - telephone/DSL/house deposit etc
  8. Bus service all the time to/from Bahnhof


  1. Far from my current gym = bad as I really loved this place
  2. What if the house mate is a pain in various parts of the anatomy
  3. Don't wanna lose my privacy whenever I feel like talking to anyone
  4. On the other side of the city

Money wise
- Rent = 600 Euros total shared by 2 = approx 300 Euros a month!! [which is half of what I am paying just for rent rite now]!!
- Deposit = 2 months - but that again has to be shared = 600 Euros!!

So, overall, money wise, shifting in with a house mate is a wise decision!! I am just wondering about my privacy and how i am now used to living all alone - carefree!! Is paying that extra bit of money worth the privacy is what is left to be seen!! *sigh* why does life have to be so damn hard :P!!

Update: Decision yet to be made, but have decided that I have the time up until that potential room mate sets foot in Germany!! So gonna go ahead with enquiring further details about the other option that I have!! No decision has yet been made!!