The orkut resumes...

I have always wondered if people really take the requests to forward resumes via the organization orkut communities seriously? For e.g this is a mail I got today...

Hi Sir/Madam, My name is [name deleted].There is a requirement in [company name deleted] for freshers.I am trying to apply but it is undelivered .Please help me to apply.I will highly be obelised to you.If you will tell,i will send my resume.sir/madam, i am a talented engineer but i am not getting chance.please do help me.I will highly be obelised to you. Thank you very much [Name deleted]

How seriously do people consider this? As in what are his chances? And this is not one, but there are a million other people doing the same. Now - I understand and appreciate the ingenuity of it, however, they should at the very least give a letter that's WORTH sending right?

obelised - for what I am only presuming to be obliged... The irritating usage of sir/madam

The mail could easily be considered as scam and sent right to the trash bin, as this one ended up in my case!! Just a warning and friendly advice to the people who are indeed considering this again - Awesome try, but first - write a decent letter with no grammatical and spelling mistakes - it obliterates the authenticity and the will to do good!!

Ok - at least for me!!

On a side note - one of my closest friends, the best roommate I have had, and the guy who ALWAYS used to watch my back has started blogging - Yup I am talking about Father Figure - Arijit da Bhat!! - Bro for me - Papa for many [no pun unintentionally intended]. He had started to blog after wondering what I did wasting my time spending countless hours in fronta the comp!! ;-)! But, now he's finally got the will!!

I am getting converts - as usual ;-)!! Woohoo!! :-)!!

So, read him and u'll definitely enjoy - Arijit for you!!

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