Lifez a bitch!!

Well, yup time for another rant - and this time it's one of my all time favorite topics ;-)! I hate my job!! I know many a million people have felt what I am feeling right now - I am not attracted by this industry anymore, and right now I am working on a dream come true for any software developer in my particular domain! I am working onsite for one of the greatest modalities. And tell you what - it SUCKS! I mean, I am sure I had more fun doing the same job back home. This has only made me realise that this is NOT what I wanna be doing a year from now!! Oath to self: This is NOT what you are going to be doing a year from now!! Capisce? If you find yourself writing a post that you are stil in the same job, you have to shoot yourself :-D!!

And what's more the only thing that I find coming awesome with the job - the Internet is going to be monitored for the next month or so - which essentially implies I dont get to do anything from office!! This is a pain!! Aaaarrrggghhh - I hate my job!!