Every Wednesday should be declared a holiday!

Mittwauch: loosely translated to the middle of the week - IOW Wednesday. Today was a holiday in most of the world that matters to me - for me [coz of All Saints Day!] - for Harini [coz of Rajyotsava crap] - and the remaining parts of India - Kerala [Kerala Piravi [Birth] Dinam [day] ], Bangalore [Karnataka Rajyotsava]. It was a relaxing day!

Woke up @ 0600 hours, yup the time difference is now 4.5 hours people. So haan, days are starting a bit early for me here :P! Then went to the gym. Was suffering from a weird stomach pain y'day. The belly button area was paining like crazy - I think it's coz I did the work out way too fast [had to rush back home :P]. But the work out cleared it up!! The work out itself was good - was able to do 250 crunches today and 30 minutes of running @ 10kmph non-stop.

Came back home and had my breakfast - cold milk n cereal. Then chatted sometime with my better half. Came lunch time and ordered for a Shahi Paneer n Rice [needed to splurge myself today!! I know the work out results went for a toss. Finished the khaana with a fruit punch - man that was yummy.

Continued talking with my better half - and felt sleepy @ about 2/3 my time. Had a wonderful sleep for about an hour n a half... Woke up refreshed and decided to take some snaps!! And spent some time doing weird poses :-)! Woke up and felt a bit hungry and have been munching on a banana and a sipping a glass of apple juice since then :-)!

However i am refreshed seriously. I love this middle of the week holiday!!

Definitely Definitely good :-)!

If I ever own and run a country, Id bring in Wednesday holidays and Sunday holidays!! Saturday - half day :P!!

Update: Uploaded new snaps into the flickr strip!

Thanks to PS for providing me a link to what i think would be one of my fav comments now :-)! Here.

Missing the writing days. I need to just sit one of these days and let it flow again [No pun intended :P]!!