Superman Returns - What the crap??

Y'day night I made the choice of putting on Superman Returns! Results....

  • I slept way too late - touched half past 1 in the morning by the time I slept

*Yawn* the repercussions are still running strong *Snore Snore* After 5 mins I open and find that I have started typing on Deepest Sender. Oh yeah Superman Returns. What's up with the movie? First of all - terrible acting by Clark Kent / Superman. WTF - this was a disgrace for Christopher Reeves. Damn, the Superman image has been tarnished.

It's also been tarnished for another reason, which I found completely sucking. They have initially portrayed Superman to be a wife-stealer.

I mean which normal man can compete with the man-of-steel? He can ward bullets with the glint of his eye. He can fly to anywhere at the blink of an eye. He can be romantic at times. He will be loyal to you! He will be a cool-dad to have. :P He would be the ideal person to have as a husband!!

Think about it - no need to buy a car, no insurance worries, no gas bills, no safety hazards. A personal man-of-steel chauffeur. :P I mean, you cannot compete with that.

As far as the kid is concerned -the dad would fly to the background - the new boy-friend of Mommy's would be way too cooler to play catch with ;-)!!

The only good thing in the movie that I found was Kevin Spacey and his portrayal of Lex Luther. I gathered some respect for him since The Usual Suspects. and he's given another stellar performance in Superman Returns as the negative role dude :-)!

Rating: SUCKS BIG TIME!! Waste of time!!