Am I back?

I still do not know. However over the course of the next few weeks, I will and shall know about the same [Watch this space for more information?].

Anyhoo, I had a major realization today. I was definitely caught up with a lot of things in my life. :-D! The meshing into a new country, a new life has never been a problem with me. For crying out loud, I meshed just fine back in 1998. However, this time it was not so easy without people to back me up. Furthermore, I was way too much caught up with things in Bangalore. Leaving people behind has never been a problem with me. However, things for sure were different. Also, I never was fully supported by "The Man" here.

Until today, I felt like a bastard [wrt The Man]. Today however, "The Man" did a gesture that really made me take a fresh perspective of the things around me!! It has brought that smile back on to my face, which never left my face in Bangalore. Trust me when I say - I haven't felt this way in a LONG time. =)!

Taking the fresh perspective of life - here's what I have found - I am @ a juncture in my life - where in I am provided with LOADS of opportunity and the rare chance of TIME coming along with it. I am going to make the MOST of it! There are a lotta things I wanna do

  • I wanna write again
  • I wanna sketch again
  • I wanna prepare for some exams, I need to take my life somewhere with a special someone
  • I wanna play TT asap
  • I wanna visit some places that I have always wanted to visit
  • Munich
  • Berlin
  • Hannover
  • Dusseldorf
  • Stuttgart
  • Paris
  • Rome - Colloseum
  • Frankfurt
  • Greece - Acropolis
  • All these places with a person I have in my mind
  • Have been pretty mechanically following certain religious practices - Need to find more in detail as to why a Brahmin followed these and well I really need to see what is true Brahminism?

    Furthermore, I have been a pretty mediocre worker since I have started working!! This is _just not_ who I am! I usually give a 100% or more to anything that I do. Somehow I have never bothered to do that wrt work that I do. Well, now I am gonna do that!!

    Things are definitely looking up!! For sure....

    I AM BACK - Oh yeah!! =)!!

    Also I have lost touch with some very important people in my life. Have to open the closed paths of communication, and get rid of all the settled dust and what not!! Woohoo!! Life's a bit more rosy, peachy what fruit not [ok not pineapples] rite now!! !!