Life - almost normal??

Y'day was one of those days, things happening left and right and I myself am facing a decision amongst so many others? :-P! Well, it almost felt that I was back in my Bangy days - active lifestyle, well at least the mentally active part of it. It had all the elements of a perfect day - let's see

  • Conversation with a completely new person, where in we gelled pretty much instantaneously
  • Random conversation with a person, I dunno, a German taxi driver and his experience when he had come down to India and surprise surprise - his trip down to Trivandrum, would you believe?
  • A decision that I had to make - the outcome of it - either the crappiest December / or the most expensive December :-D! [Still undecided about this btw]
  • Talk with Sid regarding these problems and well no outcome coming outta it ;-)! [As usual :-P!]
  • Staying @ office till 7 [I haven't done that in a long time, thinking if I should do it more often as I don't have much to do back home anyway :-P]

Aah, life's getting into the rut of things happening around me. Anyhoo, one major decision yet pending. Hehe!! And some more posts are on the pipeline. This weekend should hopefully get them outta their draft status :-D!