Saddam to be hung by this Sunday!!

Cardinal Renato Martino, Pope Benedict XVI’s top prelate for justice issues and a former Vatican envoy to the U.N., condemned the death sentence in a newspaper interview published Thursday, saying capital punishment goes against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Hmmm, interesting. The Roman Catholic Church, which considered itself the authority over _anything_ in the past has become human after all? Interesting, for I remember the dreadful acts it committed in the form of punishing heresy during the Papal regimes :-)! Wow, things are indeed changing eh :-)! But kudos to the church for turning a little bit more "human". However, with all due respect, I wonder if this is nothing but damage control over what Pope Benedict XVI said in the recent past that caused quite some controversy.

Coming to the topic of capital punishment for Saddam Hussein, I am unsure about my stance on the same. I certainly believe in the concept of An Eye for an Eye, however, I also believe that if we always taking each other's eyes, that will leave the whole world blind. Furthermore, giving capital punishment to Saddam, would only give him the status of a martyr, amongst his disciples [for the wont of a better term]. This would also cause unnecessary uprisings in the critical and fragile political and social situation in Iraq. I am also scared for the troops who went there under the blind belief that they will be greeted as liberators!

Aside, India has urged for clemency for Saddam Hussein. Now why the hell is India getting involved in this? It's not as if we have a big say over the whole situation anyway. Furthermore, what's up with the Ahimsa bull all of a sudden. Yes we had disapproved Operation Iraqi Freedom, but that does not really mean that we have to urge the clemency of a proved tyrant. I still do not understand as to why India has to go and meddle in such affairs!! *sigh* when are they going to learn?