Raionalizing Religion...

How hard ... is it to reconsider all that you know [well a good majority of what you know] once you have re-formed [or formed for the first time] an opinion? To go through and consider all that you have learned in life till now, again because you realized that some of your choices, principles etc were just derived and not formed on your own?

Is it good that you have derived all your ideologies?

Is it ok that you have different ideologies?

Rationalizing is something that's tough if you don't decide to assume a lot of things.

Eg gravity. Unless you remember your physics and understand gravity, you shouldn't believe in it. This attitude should percolate into everything and anything you do..

The same is the case for religion as well. Unless I assume the teachings of my forefathers, a lot of things have to be first searched for...

What's the difference then? =/ and why do people consider the two of them to be mutually exclusive?

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