Talk about service....

Call back service - Yup, punch in your phone number into the customer service centre online and in < 2 minutes, they call you back and an executive is talking to you!

Ok, I don't know about you guys, but that blew me away =)!

This is from the DKV - Deutsche Krankenversicherung - which translated would mean German Medical Insurance. They are Germany's biggest medical insurance company - or so I was told. I have a toothache that's killing me and I read in my contract that only 50% of my dental treatment bills are covered.

To confirm what can I do (or not do), I went to their website to find a hot line number, which I can call and wait for sometime (a LONG time) and spend 0.12 Euro cents a minute [ .|. u Tonline]. However, this was not only a surprise but an amazing one coz they took less than 2 minutes to call me back on the number that I had punched in to the website.

Amazing - yup I think so =). It brought a smile to my face [and increased my tooth ache for an instant].

However, my happiness was limited. After this, I had to face the fact that being Easter Monday [a holiday across Europe], dentists are on vacation and there are no emergency dentists, but only an emergency general medicine practitioner =|!

Yup, I know! So, I am still nursing my terrible teeth and worsening throat infection =|! Yeah Easter hols kinda sucked =|!

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