Why do we still have ugly people?

Why do we still have ugly people? You'd think that evolution would try and kill off anyone with an undesirable/unlikeable trait right? But, still we not only have ugly people, we also have unhealthy and stupid people [especially humans]!! So are beauty, health and intelligence overrated?

I mean if evolution were to pick and choose the traits in humans for a better race. After all, we have been around for about 200,000 years [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_sapien]. That would mean that evolution would still have a minor effect on us and we would be getting more and more beautiful, healthier and more intelligent. [Isn't that what most of us strive for - to be more handsome [beautiful], healthier and fitter and more intelligent?] So, let's look @ what evolution really has done to these 3 traits...

Beautiful - apart from the receding hair present in humans, beauty is really open to debate!

Healthy - our dying age has increased, but a healthy life is open to debate!

Intelligence - ok, let's not even go into this right now!

So, what has evolution decided that would naturally evolve from humans? Or well, are we just not intelligent enough to look for _that_ trait, which has evolved?