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Sitting at Bangalore City Railway station, with nothing to do, I decided to check up on the available wireless networks. There were two services offered

  • Airlink
  • Tata Indicom

Although I had my Reliance Net Connect system with me, I decided to give the wireless service a shot. I also had to test the Airport on my spanking new MacBook :D!

Tata Indicom was given the first trial. Unfortunately, their base page was so perplexing that I did not spend more than 30 seconds trying to figure out how to connect.

Burn Tata Indicom BURN!!!

Airlink was my next target. Having experienced their net offer (for free) in The Forum, I was expecting a decent experience. What I got blew me away.

One of the simplest non-jazzy interfaces led me through one single screen which allowed me to choose a plan to surf, set a username and password and provide my credit card information. Just ONE SINGLE SCREEN!! And click on Ok, they present you your card for the current usage. And bam, you experience almost international connectivity.

Just to try it out, I downloaded Flock @ 250KBps! No sir, I am not kidding. It's amazing!

On another note, DO NOT TAKE RELIANCE WI-MAX connections. You cannot rely on them one bit. But, that's another blog rant on the making.

On yet another note, have been very happy with the MacBook that I own now. The experience shall hopefully be captured on a post soon!    

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