Aha - SP Jain results...

Well, just as I had finished accepting the T-bird offer, the SP Jain results finally came out and well, I got through! Now, SP Jain vs Thunderbird, the battle is on... An Indian MBA vs a Global MBA. I am penning down my thoughts on this and that should hopefully be a post on a new blog that I am concentrating on!

A lot of new things are waiting to happen

1. Blogging @ Graduate School Guide 2. Blogging @ Life as T-bird

Both of them should happen in a few days. Check out Graduate School Guide for the various resources I utilized to gain an admission to an MBA school, including GMAT material, School reviews, Essays help, TOEFL preparation materials, yada yada yada...

Life as a T-bird, would officially start only by beginning of August, where I am planning to write about the daily activities of an MBA student and hopefully the change in perspective that I should be gleaning!

Let's see what will happen! But, before that an Indian MBA vs Global MBA - the battle is on..!