I just realized today that the word 24 has been prevalent the past couple of weeks. Tonight 0000 IST, I become 24, I am hooked to 24 (the series) and everywhere I see, I see the letters or numbers of 24. =|! (Recurrent of the Number 23? =/) Anyway, moving on to other things

23rd bday was greeted @ the lovely hills and the beaches of Amalfi, Italy. 24? I think will in the sad confines of my flat @ Bangalore and the dire corridors of my workplace! =P! What do I have to show for 24?

Hmm, lemme think about it 1. A receding hairline 2. A sudden push to realize the perfect male body (in myself, just in case anybody gets any ideas) 3. A path to a better future via an MBA education 4. And of course the undying love of that someone and my family.

So, yeah not so bad, save for the fact that none of them are remotely close (the family and that someone)!!

However, here's to 24. This is posted in advance, just in case I am mentally incomprehensible come 2400 hrs :P!