iChat for Windows - Will you use it if it comes through?

There are rumors around the web (which practically everyone calls a fake) that Apple will release an iPhone that supports the same video chat enabled via iChat on Monday. To propagate this usage, they are planning to release an iChat version for Windows as well. The question is this - Will you use iChat for Windows?

Going by the track record of applications of Apple released for Windows, they are an option (at best) and sucky (at worst). Look iTunes / Safari. iTunes is so crippling in Windows that even I hate to use it in Windows. Safari just takes Apple's arrogance to a whole new level in Windows. They even brought in their font rendering system to Windows. While it's beautiful in Mac OS X, Apple defied its own laws of homogeneity by ditching ClearType in Windows.

I like iChat. However, I prefer Adium to iChat even in OSX. How many people would really adopt iChat for Windows? Let me know ur thoughts in the comments...