US missile shield in Czech Republic - Some points... As Obama unveiled a plan for a world without any nuclear weapons and people all over the world (including me) went whoop de doo, something is happening in Czech Republic that is of interest to me. I would not have chanced on this information had I not been keeping a keen interest on Czech Republic for my Regional Business Environment journal.

The Czech government collapsed recently after Prime Minister Topolanek faced a vote-of-confidence and lost it, much to his dismay. This came almost immediately after he decided to put off the decision to postpone the ratification vote of the Missile Shield Defense system in the Czech Republic. PM Topolanek was already under the opposition's target reticles owing to his dismissal of "US and UK style spending-plan" to bolster the economy. Instead he continues to maintain that some tax-respite in the strong welfare based European Union member was the way to ensure that Czech Republic maintained its competitiveness and strong position that it currently holds amongst the Central and Eastern European nations.

What really interests me in this situation is that USA is trying hard to ensure its missile-shield defense system in the Czech Republic while simultaneously talking about a nuclear-weapon less world. How can this be justified? Personally, I believe that trust and respect for every man, woman and child is the way to ensure that we do not need to use weapons to fight any war. If USA is serious about a nuclear weapon less world, its first steps should be to ensure that it builds trust amongst the people of the world.

Please note: I have nothing but respect to President Barack Obama and I believe he is one of the best things to happen to USA right now. I am amazed by his diplomacy and statesmanship, but find it hard to digest this particular piece of news, which may or may not have any connection to the current situation of government in the Czech Republic.

More as things progress...